Experian Information Security Architect in Dallas, Texas


The Experian Global Security Office is responsible for the delivery and continual development of Experian’s technical security architecture.

As our business continues to innovate, we are searching for the right candidates to join our existing international team in order to help the business expand securely.

The pace of technology innovation is rapid, and with business units and clients around the globe, you will enjoy being released from a traditional “9-to-5” office environment.

Due to the nature of the role and constantly changing threat landscape, the candidate must possess operational experience with the majority of the following technologies and knowledge of security governance standards and best practices with each:

• Enterprise Firewall Management system, controlling and auditing rules sets

• Next Generation Firewall from one or more of the leading manufacturers

• Intrusion Protection Systems

• Web Application Firewalls as appliances and as an extension of the application host

• Data Protection through inspection and active blocking

• Traditional network environments and software defined networking

• Cloud technologies and the implementation of security services within cloud environments

• SSL Technologies including mutual (2-way) authentication, Certificates, encryption

• Web Access Gateways

• Endpoint security

• Cloud Access Security Brokers

• Traffic Flow Analysis tools

The role will challenge you to respond in different ways depending on the task at hand. Operating at the strategic level you will be innovating and developing the reference architectures for our environment. With the business units, you will be taking the lead in driving to the resolution for specific operational problems, along with providing advice, guidance and thought leadership on a range of security related topics.

You will need to be the type of person that thrives in a working environment that gives you opportunities to:

• Take concepts, products and operational problems and drive them to resolution

• Prepare and present security solutions and recommendations to senior leaders when an identified gap is discovered

• Provide security guidance and requirements to technology teams when no solution is currently available

• Be driven by the practical implementation and use of technology to meet operational needs, implement security technical controls and ensure standard processes, documentation, key controls to monitor and metrics to gauge effectiveness are developed

• Continuously ensure security policies and processes are performing as intended

• Apply financial realism to concepts by demonstrating the budgetary changes a solution brings when compared to its costs

• Bring your technical experience and vision to analyze multiple proposed solutions to identify those that meet the requirement and complement the existing tool sets.

• Present your strategies and solutions to your peers and create written reference architectures (White Papers)

• Work in a structured environment alongside formal project management processes and know when to use an unstructured approach to address the needs for immediate action

• Nurture your sense of achievement by being able to drive real change in the operational environment

• Operate under general guidance and direction, while being able to set your own direction

To be able to grow in this role you will need a background of achievements to support your development. In your previous role(s) you will have actively participated in delivering projects and initiatives that will have included:

• Large-scale installation of new technology in a multi-cultural environment, into an operation environment

• Implemented client impacting changes and be able to demonstrate your participation in communicating with clients

• Have driven changes in a live environment that were required by Regulatory Authorities and be able to demonstrate your synthesis of the encompassing rules set, down to the required changes

• Have been at the very front of technology delivery, where the creation of standards and operating processes needed to be developed

• Inspired others and help them to develop

• Lead teams without managerial control of them

Knowledge, Experience & Qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related technical discipline or equivalent experience.

• Requires a minimum of 10 years’ related experience using multiple defense-in-depth security control technologies